First of all Happy New Year to everyone

In this article, I will show you how to make snow animation on the application screen.With the approach of the new year, companies use the new year themes as designs in their applications. In accordance with this concept, we will see snowflakes flying on our screen.

Having special developments, articles or photos for the relevant periods (holiday, feast, new year, etc.) in our application increases the interaction of the user with our application.

While doing this animation, I used CAEmitterCell and CAEmitterLayer classes. …

Hey Everyone,

In this article, I will share you information about the swipe property of cells in the UITableView. As you know, the UITableView is one of the most used UI elements. The swipe feature used in the cell structure of the UITableView is of great importance in terms of user interaction and user experience.

Adding swipe actions to UITableView rows has been possible since iOS 8 but only on the right side.With IOS 11 updates, the scrolling feature of each row element started to be used in two directions. …

Hey Everyone,

In this article, I will give you information about the application rating for IOS applications and how to redirect to the app store.

When users download an application, they pay attention to the application’s comments and ratings. They are more likely to download apps with positive reviews and higher scores.

Identify the active and happy users among the users who use your application and request comments and ratings.

Therefore, it is of great importance for your application to identify active and happy users and request comments and rating.

Step 1: Firstly Import StoreKit

Add your viewController.

import StoreKit

Step 2: Now You Can Ask For Rating App

if #available(iOS 10.3, *) {

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