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In this article, I will give you information about the application rating for IOS applications and how to redirect to the app store.

When users download an application, they pay attention to the application’s comments and ratings. They are more likely to download apps with positive reviews and higher scores.

Identify the active and happy users among the users who use your application and request comments and ratings.

Therefore, it is of great importance for your application to identify active and happy users and request comments and rating.

Step 1: Firstly Import StoreKit

Add your viewController.

import StoreKit

Step 2: Now You Can Ask For Rating App

if #available(iOS 10.3, *) {


} else {

// Custom Alert for earlier versions


We can do what we want to score an application with the “SKStoreReviewController.requestReview ()” operation, but the important point here is that we use a lower version than IOS 10.3 and we need to produce a solution for users.

Step 3: Custom Alert

It is the best method to do Custom Alert for versions before IOS 10.3. We can redirect to the App Store according to the user’s wish to rate the application.

When the button in our Custom Alert is clicked

if let url = URL(string: “itms-apps://” + “{id}”) {

if #available(iOS 10, *) {, options: [:], completionHandler: nil)

} else {




We can open the AppStore with its structure. The important point here is our URL address. “itms-apps: //” + “{id}”
The {id} section here is the id of the application you can learn from the AppStore Connect of your own application.

*** Login App Store Connect> My Apps> Enter the App Information page under the General menu on the left> Apple ID


The final version of our application is as follows.

Final Step
Final Step


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